What is Send-A-Kid-To-Camp?

The Send-A-Kid-To-Camp program is an initiative of the Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation (SMCF) that provides deserving children between the ages of 5 and 14 with the opportunity to attend summer camp.

Some parents cannot afford the luxury of sending their children to camp; some children live in violent or abusive households. With this program, children who otherwise don’t have the opportunity to enjoy such an experience get to live out the fun, freedom, and excitement that summer camp brings. With Send-A-Kid-To-Camp, deserving children get to just be ‘kids’.


The phrase ‘school’s out for summer’ may not be appealing to children who think of school as being a refuge from home. By attending summer camp underprivileged children gain the means to meet new friends; learn new skills; appreciate nature; create happy memories; find positive role models; experience self growth; and blend in with society. If nothing else, summer camp simply provides a break from often stressful home situations.

The SMCF doesn’t operate its own camp facilities. We work with existing summer camps that are located throughout Ontario. With access to a variety of camps, ranging from day camps, residential camps, horse camps, religious camps, sports camps, francophone camps and more, we are able to pair children with different types of camps depending on their specific likes. Our funding also supports these camps and allows them to continually provide specialty services. For more information on our partnered summer camps, please see our camp listings.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that all children referred to the Send-A-Kid-To-Camp program are placed in a summer camp. This program is designed to encompass the whole camping experience for deserving children by covering all camp fees, assisting with transportation to and from camp, and providing basic necessities and sleeping bags for children who may need them. In the last 12 years, we have been able to reach our goal of sending all children referred to this program to camp. The average cost to send a child to summer camp was 550$ in 2016 – this cost continues to rise every year. With the generous help of our community and partners we aim to continue providing this summer experience to all children referred.


Know a child who should be given the opportunity to attend camp? The Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation receives referrals to the Send-A-Kid To Camp Program from 42 plus registered social agencies. We want to provide for all children, from all walks of life, with the chance to experience camp. If you know, or are currently caring for a child whom you feel would benefit from our program please get in touch with the relevant agency on our referral agencies page. Our contacts within each agency will assist you with a camp referral. If this option is not available to you or you have further questions please contact our office.