The Facts

Education is the key to breaking the generational pattern of abuse, unemployment and welfare dependency that plagues high risk children. A study conducted by the Children’s Aid Society, shows that over a 60-year period there was a clear cycle of abuse that permeated the caseloads. Children who were being abused in the 90’s lived with parents, grandparents and great grandparents who had been abused.

There are a range of financial obstacles for youth in care who complete high school and want to pursue post-secondary education. The cost of tuition, books and other academic requirements is not provided through the funding available to Children’s Aid Societies. Bursaries help alleviate some of the financial burden and encourage youth to continue their educational path.

The Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation (SMCF) works diligently to build capital for the bursary fund. At the same time, bursaries are currently being awarded to those crown wards in need. Building capital for this fund is an essential investment in tomorrow’s youth. It ensures that there will be funds available for years to come. SMCF also endeavors to grant some degree of assistance to all qualified applicants every year.


Our Goal

The goal of the bursary program is to be in a financial position to award bursaries to all eligible wards who apply so that they may receive the encouragement and financial support required to achieve academic success. Our long term financial goal is to reach a level where bursaries are awarded from accumulated interest derived from the capital.

Since it’s initiation in 2003, the Bursary Program has awarded ninety (90) bursaries with a total value of almost $131,000. To date, all applicants have been awarded a bursary and in some cases, entire tuition’s have been paid.

The Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation is proud of its efforts to provide funding for those in need. Post-secondary education is one key that will open many new doors.

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