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There are many children in the Sudbury Manitoulin area that could benefit from an outdoor experience each and every year.
Children need to experience positive experiences for self growth.

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Our Mission

o The mission of our “Send-A-Kid-To-Camp” program is to provide quality summer camping experiences for disadvantaged children regardless of race, religion or gender
o The mission of our “Bursary Program” is to provide financial assistance to past or present wards of the crown who wish to pursue a post secondary education
o We promise that every child referred to our “Send-A-Kid-To-Camp” program will be placed in a summer camp

About our Charity

“Send-A-Kid To Camp” (SAKTC) program – Summer camp offers children many opportunities and skills, and if nothing else, gives them a break from stressful home situations. We support camps across Ontario and assist the whole camping experience by covering all camp fees, assisting with transportation, and providing camp necessities
Bursary Program – Over the years it has become clear that – although child abuse prevention is an important component of assisting high risk children – education is the key to breaking the generational cycle of abuse, unemployment and welfare dependency that plagues these children. Without family support, youth must support themselves and pay for their education through part time work and student loans. Some of these youth find the financial burden of school too daunting and do not proceed with their dreams. Bursaries would help alleviate some of the financial burden and encourage them to continue their education

Geographic Area

The Sudbury Manitoulin Children Foundation (SMCF) has one of the largest geographic areas in the province. This jurisdiction of Sudbury and Manitoulin is almost 50,000 sq. km – with a population of 200,000+ of which 50,000+ of them are children.

Goals, Objectives, Times Lines

Our goal is to continue to be able to provide camping opportunities to all of the disadvantaged children who are referred to the “Send-A-Kid To Camp” program by 49+ various local social agencies
In February of each year, the SMCF’s Board Of Directors commit to a set budget for the “Send-A-Kid To Camp” program for that coming summer. The objective is to raise enough money to send these children to camp and to expand on the initial number committed. Monies will need to be received, at the latest, by September/October to pay final camp expenses

Let’s See What The kids And Others Have To Say?

Thank you for picking me to go to camp. I’ve learned to let bad things pass and try new things. I learned it’s better to talk to someone if I don’t feel right. Camp was awesome!
Bursary Program – Graduation: A Dream Come True – Growing up in Care, Ashley often wondered if her dreams could ever come true. Read More
Camp has changed me. It has made me more outgoing and will try new things. I believe that I have grown stronger and wiser and I can make better choices for myself.
Summer Camp Launched My Career – Andy recently retired CBC Radio Host talks about the great impact Summer Camp had on his life Read More.
Andy Barrie
While volunteering at a SMCF charity bingo, an SMCF volunteer was approached by a recently divorced lady working at McDonald’s, described how the “Send-A-Kid To Camp” program miraculously changed her son. The lady explained: despite getting psychological help, her son just could not adjust to their new life situation. He would not leave his bedroom. His sponsor, familiar with the SMCF program, recommended that he attend a youth camp. The young boy was very reluctant to go to any camp. This lady, now in tears, described how happy she was to see her son returning home from his first day of school, throw his school bag on the floor and yell out that he was going out to play with his school friends that he had met at the youth camp.
“This is my second summer working here and it has been another rewarding experience. I was very surprised that some of the kids remembered me from driving them last year. The driving is the best part of this job because I got to see the camps, see the smiles on the kids face and hear the stories about how much they liked camp. I have nothing but positive memories from my time here at the SMCF. I hope to be back again next summer!”
Summer Student
“The only thing is having it a little longer 1 week Thank you!!! Thank you!!! for making my child smile, for allowing her to do new things, and to see new things I’m so so very grateful for having people like you guys give children like mine something that they couldn’t have. From the bottom of my heart…thank you.”